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Beekeeping in our Backyard

Click here to go to the Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association home page.

This site chronicles our experiences in beekeeping. My name is Robert Talk and together with my son, Dustin Talk we are trying to learn about beekeeping as a hobby. We are two of the approximately 250,000 beekeepers in the USA. Our beekeeping interest began when we saw James D. Satterfield's web site on Top Bar Hive Beekeeping. For our first project, Dustin and I designed and built our own top bar hive.

We then joined the Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association for some experienced advice on both our hive's design and beekeeping in general. From there, we have progressed to building all sorts of hives including:

  •  Standard Langstroth-type hives,
  •  Four and five-frame nucleus (nuc) hives,
  •  Mating nuc hives and
  •  A 3-frame observation hive.

Please feel free to browse around our site and see our log for our continuing experiences. We used to update the log regularly (i.e., when I felt like it) and it contains some interesting photos!

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