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Top Bar Hive (TBH) photos

Profile of TBH showing entrance and window side TBH profile view showing rear and window side TBH rear view showing vent ports TBH front view showing landing board,entrance & vent ports TBH profile view from rear showing open window. Entrance is visible through the window.
tbh1.jpg tbh2.jpg tbh3.jpg tbh4.jpg tbh5.jpg
TBH profile view from front with window open. TBH top view from front. TBH interior view looking at rear. TBH top view looking to front TBH interior looking to side showing stiffeners and divider board slots
tbh6.jpg tbh7.jpg tbh8.jpg tbh9.jpg tbh10.jpg
TBH interior showing screen over window, stiffeners and divider board slot TBH interior from top looking to front TBH interior from top looking to rear TBH top view from rear with 1 bar out First design cover showing where hole for bungee cord split Plexiglas
tbh11.jpg tbh12.jpg tbh13.jpg tbh14.jpg tbh22.jpg
TBH first design cover showing broken corner of Plexiglas TBH view though window. Chain lights and 3 frames are visible
tbh23.jpg oh10.jpg

Observation Hive photos

OH in normal position with doors closed OH swung out perpindicular to wall OH swung 180 degrees from normal position OH in normal position with right hand view door open OH with left view door open
oh1.jpg oh2.jpg oh3.jpg oh4.jpg oh5.jpg
OH showing all doors open OH with glass access door open OH showing door clasp and lock details OH showing hinge, vent port and mtg bracket detail OH with left view door open
oh6.jpg oh7.jpg oh8.jpg oh9.jpg oh11.jpg
Looking into OH entrance & bottom support detail OH feeder mount & upper support detail OH lock and clasp details OH with left hand view door open OH feeder jar mounting
oh12.jpg oh13.jpg oh14.jpg oh15.jpg oh17.jpg

Apiary (Bee Yard) photos

TBH from front before cover was installed TBH from rear before cover was installed TBH from rear befor cover was installed. The gate keeps out the dog. TBH from front with first design cover TBH from front showing 1st design cover (Plexiglas held on with bungee cords)
tbh15.jpg tbh16.jpg tbh17.jpg tbh18.jpg tbh19.jpg
Entrance to the apiary (gate on left) Apiary from front TBH before entrance reducer was installed Apiary showing OH and TBH
tbh20.jpg tbh21.jpg tbh24.jpg oh16.jpg