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Top Bar Observation Hive Box Joint plans
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Top Bar Observation Hive Assembly

Top Bar Observation Hive


The photo above shows the results of implementing our design. There are some changes from our initial design.

On the far left is the rear of the hive. One of the two brackets is showing at the end of the hive. We will use these brackets to hold the bars during inspection. Along the top of the hive are 29 top bars. The slots for installing the foundation starter strip can be seen on the bottom of each bar. Along the side of the hive is the sliding door which covers the observation window. They are hard to see in this photo, but each of the corners is made with a box joint. Above the entrance are 3 ventilation ports. The entrance can be seen at the bottom of the front of the hive with a large landing area.

More Top Bar Hive Photos

  • Side view showing sliding window cover in open position
  • Top view showing the internal view of the hive.
  • Interior view showing the transverse stiffeners and the vertical guides that allow us to install divider boards (or queen excluders).

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Construction Plans

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