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Garden Plants

We decided to keep a list of all of the plants in our gardens. We'll see which ones the bees like. The plants highlighted in green are now blooming.

Common Name Scientific Name Type Flowers Light Bees like it?
Acidanthera Acidanthera Flowering perennial bulb white and purple flowers late summer to early fall sun to part sun  
Alyssum, Snow Crystals Lobularia   white, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr sun to
part shade
Apple, Dorsett Golden Malus 'Dorsett Golden' Tree, fruit, >0o pink Feb-Mar full sun  
Apple, Granny Smith   Tree, fruit white Feb , Mar,  full sun  
Ardisia, Variegated Japanese Ardisia Japonica 'Variegata' Perennial, Zone 8 small white full shade  
Girard's Rose
Azalea Perennial
rose pink Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr sun to
part shade
Banana, Red Abyssinian Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' Perennial none, fruits sun - part shade  
Blackberry, Arapaho Rubus occidentalis 'Arapaho' Perennial vine > -30o white Mar, Apr black berries full sun  
Blackberry, Brazos   Perennial vine small white, Mar, Apr    
Blackberry, Ebony King   Perennial vine small white    
Blackberry, Navaho thornless Rubus ursinus 'Navaho Thornless' P.P. #6679 Perennial vine > -10o black berries in mid-June full sun  
Blueberry, Climax   Perennial vine small white, Mar    
Blueberry, Jersey   Perennial vine small white    
Blueberry, Rabbit Eye - Tifblue   Perennial vine small white, Mar    
Blue Daze Evolvulus   sky blue flowers, Apr full sun Yes
Bottlebrush, Lemon Callistemon citrinus Perennial
spikes of red flowers resembling bottle brush in spring, summer full sun  
Bougainvillea, Variegated   Perennial vine purple sun  
Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa Perennial, herbaceous summer clusters of bright orange flowers, Mar, Apr full sun  
Caladium   Perennial bulb none shade - partial shade N/A
Cattail Typha latifolia Perennial bulb   full sun  
Clematis   Deciduous vine > -30oF white w/ purple in summer semi-shade  
Daffodil Narcissus Perennial bulb yellow, orange and white Mar, Apr sunny-light shade  
Daffodil, Ice Follies Narcissus Perennial bulb white w/ yellow centers Mar, Apr sunny-light shade  
Daffodil, Peruvian Ismene White Perennial bulb white in mid-summer full sun  
Dahlis, Dinnerplate Dahlis, Dinnerplate Perennial bulb mixed colors full sun  
Daisy, Gerbera   Annual large red, yellow, pink, Mar, Apr sun to
part shade
Dewberry, Austin Rubus caesius 'Austin' Perennial vine > -30oF small white Mar, Apr black berries early summer full sun  
Dracena   Perennial
N/A medium shade N/A
Euonymus, Dwarf variegated boxleaf Euonymus japonica 'Microphylla Variegata' evergreen perennial shrub >0o   full sun - part shade  
Fern, Boston Nephrolepis exaltata bostoniensis Perennial N/A shade N/A
Fern, East Indian Holly OR Variegated Shield Fern OR
Variegated Holly Fern
Arachniodes Simplicior Variegata   N/A Fern in backyard N/A
Gay Feather, Blue Liatris Spicata Perennial, herbaceous purple, July-Sept full sun - part shade  
Geranium, Red     bright red, Apr   No
Gladiolus, Wigs Sensation   bulb must be stored in winter bright red stalks of flowers full sun-part shade  
Grape, Muscat          
Grape, Thompson seedless   Perennial vine      
Grapefruit, Rio Red   Perennial fruit tree white flowers  Mar, Apr    
Grass, Aztec
Silvery Sunproof Lilyturf
Liriope muscari Zone 7 lavendar flower spikes full sun-part shade  
Heather, Mexican Allyson Cuphea Hyssopifolia Perennial tiny pink Apr full sun-part sun Yes
Heather, Mexican   Perennial tiny white, Apr full sun-part sun  
Hibiscus, Mallow, Rose Hibiscus militaris Perennial Large dinner plate sized pink flowers  full sun   
Hibiscus, Tropical Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Perennial
red, yellow, white
full sun  
Honeysuckle, Pink Lonicera Perennial vine pink flowers Mar    
Honeysuckle, white     white flowers, Apr    
Houttuynia Houttuynia cordata marginal 0" to -6" small white sun - part shade  
Hummingbird Bush, Grande Hamelia patens 'Grande' Perennial
orange flowers from summer to fall full sun Yes
Hypoestes, Splash Select Red Hypoestes, Splash Select Red   N/A sun-part sun  
Iris, Butterfly Moraea iridoides Perennial
white with blue eye Mar,Apr full sun  
Iris, Dutch   Perennial bulb Zone 7-9 small purple with white and yellow in center. yellow Mar, Apr full sun  
Iris, Miniature   Perennial bulb small purple with white and yellow in Mar, Apr Partial shade to sun  
Iris, Variegated yellow flag Pseudacorus "Variegata"

Bontbl.gele lis Butbl. Sumpfiris Iris faux-acore strie

marginal 0" to -16" yellow sun - part shade  
Ivy, Golden Pothos Epipremnum aureum
  N/A   N/A
Ivy, Golden Pothos Scindapsus aureus   N/A low light N/A
Jasmine, Angel Wing Jasminum nitidum Perennial vine
all summer sun - part shade  
Jasmine, Confederate Trachelospermum jasminoides   fragrant white flowers Apr    
Jasmine, Madison
hardy form of confederate jasmine
Trachelospermum jasminoides   fragrant white star-shaped flowers, Apr    
Jasmine, Pink Jasminum polyanthum perennial white Jan,Feb,Mar sun  
Jasmine, Star   Perennial vine white,Apr    
Jasmine   Perennial vine      
Jessamine, Carolina Gelsemium sempervirens Perennial vine
Bright yellow in Feb,Mar full sun Yes
Kumquat, Meiwa (Large Round) Meiwa Fortunella crassifolia Perennial tree plentiful white in spring, fruit in late November    
Lantana Lantana montevidensis "Radiation" Perennial groups of small white, orange or yellow full sun Yes
Lantana lantana montevidensis
"Weeping White"
Perennial masses of pure white blooms from Feb,Mar Apr full sun Yes
Lantana lantana montevidensis
'New Gold'
Perennial >20o clusters of burnt yellow-gold full sun Yes
Lantana lantana montevidensis
Perennial >20o orange-red full sun Yes
Lemon, Improved Myer's Citrus limon Perennial tree


red budded flowers with white petals, spring - fall partial to full sun  
Lillie Lilium Asiatic Hybrid   red, yellow, white, pink in summer partial - filtered sun  
Lillie, Gran Paradiso Lilium Asiatic Hybrid   red w/ red stamens partial - filtered sun  
Lily, Calla Aethiopica Perennial
white, Jan, Feb, Mar sun - part shade  
Lily, Calla, dwarf, flame   Perennial to Zone 8, >10o reddish orange flowers    
Lily, Calla, dwarf, pink   Perennial to Zone 8, >10o light pink flowers    
Lily, Calla, dwarf, white   Perennial to Zone 8, >10o bright white flowers    
Lily, Calla, patio Rehmannii Superba (Zantedeschia) Perennial to Zone 8, >10o light pink flowers    
Lily, Calla, patio, Black Eyed Beauty (Zantedeschia) Perennial to Zone 8, >10o whit with black centers    
Lily, Calla, patio, Purple Sensation (Zantedeschia) Perennial to Zone 8, >10o bright purple flowers    
Lily, Canna Canna x pfitzeriana
"Crimson Beauty"
crimson full sun  
Lily, Canna, low growing Canna Perennial
red, yellow, orange June - Nov full sun  
Lily, Peace Spathphyllum   white calla-like low light  
Lily, Plantain, Funkia (Hosta) Hosta sieboldiana
Perennial tall stems of white bell-shaped flowers in late summer shade - partial shade  
Lily, Plantain, Gold Crown (Hosta) Hosta Fortunei
"Aureo Marginata"
spikes of blue flowers partial shade - shade  
Lily, Rain Zepheranthes candida Perennial,
zone 7-10
white crocus-like,
Summer - early fall
Sun - part shade  
Lily, Water, Nymphaea 'Marliacea Carnea' Perennial, zone 4 depth (to 40") pink, June - Sept full sun to part shade  
Lime, Thornless   Tree white Feb, Mar  full sun  
Liriope Liriope muscari 'Silvery Sun-proof' perennial
zone 7
lavender flower spikes full sun - part shade  
Lysimachia Nummularia "Aurea" Lysimachia Nummularia "Aurea" deciduous low trailing perennial yellow blossoms sun - part shade  
Mandevilla, Alice Du Pont Mandevilla x amablis 'Alice Du Pont" Perennial
large pink trumpets partial shade  
Mums Chrysantheme   large yellow sun  
Orange, miniature   Tree white, Feb, Mar full sun  
Peach, Banana   Tree, fruit pink, Feb, Mar full sun  
Peach, Sam Houston   Tree, fruit,550 Hours, freestone, medium yellow peach, ripens mid to late June. pink, Feb, Mar  full sun  
Pecan, soft shell   Tree   full sun  
Pincushion Flower Scabiosa columbaria "Pink Mist" P.P. #8957   pink flowers Apr, early summer until frost sun - partial sun  
Prayer plant Maranta leuconeura 'Kerchoviana'   N/A shade N/A
Purslane, Common (Portulaca) Portulaca oleracea Perennial Purple and yellow, spring through summer full sun Yes
Purslane, Garden Portulaca grandiflora Perennial multi-color spring through summer full sun Yes
Raspberry, Latham Red   Perennial vine small white    
Rose, Garnette Floribunda   Perennial
red blooms with a light yellow base Apr full sun  
Red Ribbons
Kortemma Perennial
red, Apr sun  
Spiderwort Tradescantia Pallida Perennial light blue Mar sun - part shade  
Strawberry, Quinalt     white full sun  
Sweet Broom Cytisus spchianus   bright yellow flowers in Mar sun  
Water Dropwort Oenanthe aquatica   groups of small white    
Zinnia       Sun - part shade Yes
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