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About Your Host

Robert Talk

Robert is (as those who know him best will readily agree) a calm, shy, soft-spoken, good-looking and introverted engineer-type who is so non-descript that we wonder why so many words have been wasted here in describing him.

Sometimes, he has also mistakenly been defamed as a loud, boisterous, opinionated bad-dresser who often forgets to shave, dances poorly, drives his Mustang GT too fast and plays bad golf.

According to a person that he's been indentured to married to since August of 1982, he's also slow, lazy, fat, hard-of-hearing, difficult to train and a just-tolerable kisser.

Well, okay, let's be honest, he's somewhere in between those descriptions, or not.

However, everyone agrees that he is very proud of the fact that he is a native Texan and a conservative, right winged Republican.